Billenium by J. Ballard

  1. Write a detailed synopsis of the story.
  2. Discuss the theme of over-population and the effect it has on both the way of life and quality of life of the inhabitants of the city.
  3. The quest for living space has become an overriding obsession with the people of the city. Discuss this theme in detail. Include in your answer some discussion of the ways in which Ballard makes the quest for space dominate the characters’ lives.
  4. What sort of relationship does Ballard put forward between the inner world of the individual (as represented by Ward and Rossiter) and the outer world in which they live. In other words, how does Ballard conceptualise the effect of surviving daily life in a hopelessly over-crowded city on the consciousness of the individual as demonstrated by the ways in which Ward and Rossiter manage the gift of space in the secret room they discover?
  5. In the story, Ballard does attempt some sort of explanation of the social, political and economic causes of the extreme over-population that has beset the world. Explain his views as they are presented in the story.
  6. Do you agree with his argument? Do you think that current population growth projections indicate that we are likely to end up in the situation portrayed in the story?
  7. Describe and analyse Ward’s character in some detail. What values does he hold? Why does Ballard make use of this type of character as the main character for this story?
  8. What role does Rossiter play in the story?
  9. Describe the role of the female characters in the story.
  10. Discuss the effects that over-population and its attendant ills has had on the nature of family life in relation to Ward’s family as well as Judith and Helen’s family relationships.
  11. What does the secret room symbolise in the story?
  12. Why do you think Ward and Rossiter are unable to keep the gift of space to themselves? Is Ballard making a comment on how our inner world ultimately reflects the shape of the external world in which we live?
  13. What sort of living arrangement do they eventually end up allowing (and accommodating to) in their secret room?
  14. Discuss Ballard’s style and language in the story? Consider also in what ways it is appropriate to the nature of the story being told.

1) The world is overpopulated, people lived in small cubicles because there wasn’t  enough space for all  the crowded world. Ward and his friend Rossiter fought to get more space but they  couldn’t get a bigger cubicle because there were stricted laws that didn’t let people to get more space, the governors were worried about the increasing population. Every year they reduced the space of the cublicles to build more of thems. Ward coudn’t tolerate to live in his small cubicle. One day his friend Rossiter planned to move in a quiet  area that there wasn´t pedestrian traffic or a lot of noise. The good news were that the cublicle it’s a bit bigger. When they installed there, they accidentaly discovered a large and big room that they got surprised and with there mouths open. But they need to watch if somebody came, they decided inviting the two girls that they met before. They brang their things to the big room and filled it with their stuff, there was a Victorian wardrobe. The problem was that they invited the two girl´s family  to live there, they had to dismantle the wardrobe. Now they are like the beggining, their dreams of freedom, fall.

2) The way and the quality of life that the people lived was awful, lots of noise, pedestrian traffic, you had to wait a lot of time to eat in a restaurant, people living in cubicles meant difficult to breath, loss of privacy andthepeople couldn’t live a common life, it was terrible.

3) There were many people in this overpopulated world that wanted more space, but it was imposible because there were several laws that controlled the cubicle’s space, the people lived on it. Ballard used this to show that the quest for space is a neccesity for all the people to feel more comfortable and to have privacy.

4) Ballard showed that when Rossiter and Ward found the secret room, they started to fill it in  with stuff because as they were living in an over crowded world, they had absorted minds about tiny spaces, and they didn´t know how to take advantage of the “big” space they had. Surviving is diffcult.

5) One cause was,  that if you have three children you would get more space, that´s why the population grew and grew every year. They didn´t have laws against natality control.

6)  He is right, but the difference that there are more countries that had more children and others that had less children an there are laws, actually we don´t have problems with overpopulation, we are balance.

7) Ward is a different person like others, he could not tolerate his tiny space. He thought to go to live to Neptune, sarcasticaly. Ballard used some techniques to show that the experiences of Ward made him the protagonist of the story. His works in a librarian and live with his friend Rossiter.

8) Rossiter´s role in the story was to be the friend of Ward, he worked in the government, he knew how much the population would grow every year, he also wanted a bigger space.

9) Judith and Helen were two nice girls that they knew each other, There are suffering because they lived together in a smaller cublicle that Ward had at the beggining of the story. They took advantage of the space the boys provided to them and their families.

10) Many people got ill because they could not breath properly and they got always hurt on the pedestrian traffic. Judith´s, Helen´s and Ward´s family decided to live together because they were all sick,  the secret room was completely full.

11) The secret room symbolised the freedom and the  privacy that Rossiter and Ward finally got, there were surprised when they accidentally discovered it, but they dreams came to an end.

12) They were unable to keep the gift space because as they were not use to a big space, they filled it with their stuff. As I   said before they did not took advantage of the space that the room offered. Ballard used this to explain how the world was, how it was the people´s life he used this to comment our situation in which are we now.

13) They accepted the two girls family to live with them, but they did not realise at all that all their dream about a bigger space had fall, Ballard showed this when they dismantled the Victorian wardrobe they had.

Task 2

The micro apartments were only made for single teenagers or couples but also family´s lived there, in the story it was worst, the space was smaller. But they were very similar. In the story it said how they were.




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Reporting Quotes

Our Language teacher, Pilar, said that we had to look for quotations of famous people and passed them into reported speech.

Resultado de imagen para gandhi quotes

Gandhi said that nobody could hurt him without his permission.

Resultado de imagen para gandhi quotes

Gandhi said that there is no god higher than truth.

Resultado de imagen para where there is love there is life

Gandhi said that where there is love there is life.

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Reported Speech Tutorial

Our Language teacher told us to look for a tutorial that explain the uses of the Reported Speech.

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History Presentation

In History, we started to see Nazi Germany. We divided into groups and everyone had to present a topic and give a presentation. In my case it was the Olympics in Berlin 1936.  This is the Glogster that Jero, Santi, Lucas and I did.

One day, Martín Leguizamón came to school and talked us about his experiences with Marcha por la vida when he visited some concentration and extermination camps in Poland. He told us what the Nazis did with the Jews and other people that went to the camps and that most of them died in the gas chambers or because of poor leaving conditions like  for example the lack of food. Also, he let us know what was the meaning of Shoa.

After that we visited the Holocaust Museum and we looked at some pictures and objects that were there. Then we listened to the testimony of a survivor who is living in Argentina. His name is David Galante. I had a great experience at the museum, it made me opened  my mind.

One of the striped pyjamas that the Jews used in the concentration camps.




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Lion Heart by Amanda Chong

  1. Read the poem.

2. Look up words in the dictionary



3. Who is the writer?

the writer of the story is Amanda Chong from Singapore. She wrote this poem at the age of 16 years old.

4. Check what the merlion is. Find a photo to illustrate your post in your blog.

A merlion is a well known mythical creature with lion head and a body of a fish , is considered a symbol and the emblem of Singapore. Is widely used as a mascot and a logo.

5. Watch the following videos and take notes to analyse the poem in detail.


6. Can you say this poem is about love? If so, love for what/whom?

Yes, I think that the poem is about love, it expressed the love of nature, the wildlife, braveness, the spirit of a lion. They are all connected through the poem.

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Tarea de Geografía

Pablo Peez nos asignó una tarea para las vacaciones acerca de los recursos naturales.

Ejercicio 2

A) El mapa da información sobre una distribución desigual del agua y el difícil acceso a ella. Esto se genera ya que hay mucha escasez en las regiones desérticas como en el norte de África como también los gobiernos que restringen su acceso por motivos económicos o sociales. También el mapa da información acerca de que la reservas con mayor agua dulce del planeta se encuentran en América con un alto porcentaje de biodiversidad y que un 15% contribuye a la cuenca del Amazonas.

B) Algunos aspectos que brinda el mapa se refieren a que los países mas pobres no pueden tener acceso al agua potable porque sus respectivos gobiernos se las restringen por varios motivos económicos de aquel país. Como también hay importantes regiones con un alto porcentaje de escasez del agua por eso tanto la escasez como una mala distribución genera un gran problema para toda la población.

C) En el contexto mundial, América posee el 40% de toda el agua potable del mundo. Por eso se dice que América es tan importante para el mundo por que puede dar a beber a millones de personas pero esta expuesta a una futura guerra del agua, ya que algunos países como el Brasil están tomando medidas drásticas. Hay una poca escasez del agua en América como otros continentes pero no sabemos aprovecharlo ya que hay  una muy mala distribución sobre todo en América del Sur.

Ejercicio 5

A) Las consecuencias de la privatización del agua es que al ser un bien comercializado y no un bien social se pueden crear disputas armadas por ese recurso estratégico.

B) Los factores que hacen que ese recurso sea estratégico son que al ser tan estratégico puede aumentar la explotación, el control y la administración de dicho recurso como el agua

C) Los recursos como el agua afectan las fronteras compartidas. Una de ellas es la de EEUU y México. Hay conflictos por el uso del límite internacional que es el río Bravo o Grande debido al gran uso y su compartimiento. En las provincias argentinas de Mendoza y la Pampa e generaron disputas por el uso excesivo del río Atuel y su administración

D) En esos valles se han construidos ciudades como Los Ángeles, Pasadena y Nashville, ciudades que están sumamente pobladas lo cual  genera problemas porque esos valles se transforman y cambian totalmente. El suelo se ha aprovechado para la ganadería y la agricultura con riego y se construyeron embalses y diques para la circulación de los ríos.

E)  La gestión cambio totalmente por parte de los recursos hídricos. Comenzaron a dar síntomas de sobre explotación y dar paso a las sequías y han generado muchas controversias hacia políticas mas enfocadas al uso racional de los recursos.

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Online Test

Valencia, Spain, 1990

A group of thieves led by a Spanish extremist , tried to rob the El Mercat Bank of Valencia. When they arrived they starting shooting the people, only two were seriously injured. The thieves said that they had to stay quiet, also they asked the manager where were the boxes that contained all the money. Finally they arrived at the safe boxes and the manager introduced the password.

The police arrived and tried to communicate with the robbers. The leader talked to them and said that thier purpose was to steal the boxes and nobody would get hurt. The gangs took thousands of dollars and were ready to ran away through an old subway tunnel.

The Spanish armed forces were ready to act but the hostages were in danger. The thieves managed to escape. A helicopter waited for them outside. The police entered  and pulled the hostages to safety. They tried to catch the thieves throught the tunnel but the robbers had a lot of  advantage. The attackers found a way to get out but they knew that the police covered all the entire area. The thieves saw the helicopter in a terrace, but it was too late the police pointed at them with their shotguns, they were finally caught.




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Crime Report based on Criminal Case

The department of Justice announced in monday morning that David Hutchinson was found dead with several injuries. The medical examiners found lots of evidence in a dump which they discovered the body, between them there were a pair of glasses, a large razor and a bag, all the objects were covered with blood.

The Police of Grimsborough sent agent Jones and corporal Turner to investigate the crime zone.

When they arrived they found Nathan Pandit with a large magnifying glass investigating the dump and every object the forensics discovered. He obtained some important clues that later on he took to his laboratory. After he finished his work, Turner and Jones continue exploring. Each of them collected crucial information. They found nails, fingerprints and hair. When they took the evidence to Mr. Pandit in his laboratory, the DNA belonged to Hugh Patterson of 43 years old.

After six days of investigation, Hugh Patterson plead guilty and was charged of murder and vandalism.

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Sredni Vashtar


In Literature we started to read Sredni Vashtar by Saki( Hector Hugh Munro) and after reading it we will worked in some important facts.

Elements of Instability:Conradin coudn´t live more than five years. He is an orphan that  lived with his cousin Mrs De Ropp who hated.

Rising Action: When his cousin discovered  that Conradin spent a lot of time in the shed, because he prayed to a ferret.

Conflict She takes away the hen.


Falling Action: The cousin didn’t leave the shed

Resolution:Conradin saw the ferret left the shed with blood. He believed that her cousin is dead. At the end to celebrate he ate a piece of toast.


  • Analyse Conradin in terms of Rite of Passage (5 elements)
  • Analyse the setting. Focus on mood and atmosphere.
  • Describe Conradin’s cousin.
  • Discuss the role of religion
  • What is the uncanny of the story?
  • Mention at least five of themes. (Give reasons)
  • What is the house-shed-toast a symbol of?

1) A dare: He didn´t accept the toast that his cousin offered. Accepting and regretting: He celebrated his cousin death by eating a toast and took revenge on her. The unattainable object of desire: He wanted  her cousin to  disappear.

2) The story took place in a house and it´s shed. The atmosphere is creepy, depressed, annoyance and at the end freedom and satisftion.

3) Conradin’s cousin treated him in a bad way. They hated and disliked each other, but they were the only family they had. She was very mean and she took away Conradin´s friend, the hen. Then she tried to take away the ferret.

4) Conradin didn’t like the religion that had her cousin, no because he didn’t  believe it but because he hated her cousin, so he invented his own religion which the ferret was his god.

5) In the story the uncanny things were all that for Conradin was uncommon and unfamiliar like his cousin, the ferret as his god and the time he spent in the shed praying.

6) The themes were imagination, because Conradin imagined his world in a shed which a ferret which was his god. Religion because he adored and prayed to a ferret and hated going to church with his cousin. Another is the relationship between him and her cousin that they both disliked each other. And there is also love and affection between his imaginary world and the animals. Unreality is also present in the story.

7)  House: It was like his prison because her cousin was living there and had to live under her orders.

Shed: He played there and was like his spiritual world. He played and prayed with the ferret, it was the only place he was happy.

Toast: It was for special occasions. He liked eating toast but her cousin didn’t let him. When her cousin died, instead of being sad, he celebrated by eating two toasts.




-Compare the story we read and the video. Make a brief comment about this.

Have a look at this presentation made by other students and make comment

-Do you agree with the analysis?

-Can you mention other themes?

-Can you find quotations for the themes mentioned in the presentation and those you have added?


  1. I think that the video showed a different mood from the story. The atmosphere is quite depressed. At the end of the video there was a a character, a man that didn´t appear in the story. There is a moment in which Conradin´s cousin or aunt cut herself with her own glasses maybe he died in that way in the shed.
  2. I think that the presentation is very clear and gave you a full analysis of the story. It also include the person who wrote the story and it´s opinion about the creation of the story.
  3.  I think that revenge, freedom and hiding your feelings and unreality are other themes. Because Conradin took revenge of his cousin. He obtained his freedom of his cousin. He couldn´t express what he felt because in that time people didn´t show their feelings. And unreality because praying to an animal it is uncanny.
  4. Death:
    -The boy would not live another five years
    -Whoever will break it to the poor child?
    -Sredni Vashtar, the great ferret
    -Do one thing for me, Sredni Vashtar
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Crime Report – Federal judge sets November trial for man charged in Charleston church attack

I chose the headline of the subject to write the crime report. I wrote this using more than three passive constructions and I included the vocabulary  in connections with crime:

The department of Justice announced in wednesday morning that the death penalty trial will be held in November.

The 23 years old white man, Thomas Wolf, was charged with murdering eleven church members in a racially motivated attack at a church in Charleston. It is believed that these black people were killed during their Bible study.

The accused, dressed in a black striped jumpsuit, will face in court eleven counts of murder. His attorneys said that he would be willing to plead guilty if the death penalty would not be on the table. However, State prosecutors will demand the death penalty.

The Chief of the District, Richard Moore, will begin selecting jurors in September. Between 1.500 and 2.000 potential jurors might be called next week.

The trial is expected to be extended by four weeks.

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