2019 Our last year together


To begin with, I would like to enjoy everyday I spend at school since as we all know it turns out to be our last year together, it’s a reality.

As regards school, I am keen on passing all my subjects with good marks appointing to a higher average than previous years. Moreover, I would like to decide my college career as soon as possible in order to feel positive or trusted when taking these decisions. Although I am appointing to study something related to economics, I would prefer to clear all my doubts through orientation. Now, as regards the year, it would be great if we all have lots of fun together enjoying everyday we spend at school.

I don’t have any dreams at the moment, however, something I would dedicate is the fact of achieving more than possible so that the day of tomorrow I would feel more prepared to face certain obstacles that will appear through my life.

I am planning to spend my last year with the people I do care, friends, family even people that I will encounter this year.

To sum up, I would enjoy to spend my last year differently than previous years since as it is our last year, it must! be different, that’s the point.


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