The Hollow of the Three Hills Not being afraid or ashamed to die for your beloved ones

The Hollow of the Three Hills is a great example to convey an undeserved death but even death isn’t the end of life.

The mallevolous witch condemned the young lady to die. She prefered to die in exchange of scarce information about voices she once remembered wishing to hear them once more.  This is a tragic story however the young woman was brave enough to give up her life in order to give a sense to her death, by saying goodbye to the people she still love, to feel that her death meant something to her and her beloved. For her life to be completed at least with no remorse at all. She died at the Hollow of the «3» Hills. The number 3 is associated with the Holy Trinity.

Sometimes we believe death is the end of our life in Earth, however we should bear in mind the way we see death is completely misguided. Death is not the end of life, we still believe we must give a meaning to our life in order for us to feel more satisfied when we are ready to pass away. We are afraid or ashamed to die since we will produce harm to our beloved ones or because we feel we didn’t satisfy our life in Earth. Our life is important that is why we have to give our best in order to be prepared to die. I not mean living life as it was the last day or pursuiting the meaning of life but to feel grateful for the different opportunities you and me have to live a well deserved life surrounded by your beloved ones. Giving full credit to your life so when death approaches you will not have to regret anything as you will feel you are prepared to live a new life in heaven.





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