Ode on Melancholy Happiness and Melancholy feed on each other

Happiness will not be achieved without melancholy and melancholy will not be achieved without happiness. Sometimes when we are extremely sorrowful we tend to believe that happiness will not appear anymore. The poem «Ode on Melancholy» deal with this. If we are extremely sad at first, then we will be rewarded with extreme happiness surrounding us at the end.

I think it’s true. Melancholy turns to be part of our lives. Without melancholy our lives cannot be built and cannot be completed. Without melancholy we almost don’t give any sense to our day-to-day life since without melancholy the rest cannot be achieved. Melancholy is part of the human being, is part of the rite of passage and is part of the process of gaining experience and maturing. It is almost certain there will be melancholy among a human being and happiness will also appear at the end.

I can compare it with the film «In Pursuit of Happiness» It’s a clear example of how melancholy can easily be turned into joy if we don’t lose hope. We should keep fighting.

The film features Will Smith as Chris Gardner a homeless scanner salesman. He was living under a financial instability causing his wife to abandon Chris and his son, Christopher. He tried hard to get a job but he could not. He arrived late to an interview in order to apply for the job.  Moreover, he delayed paying taxes, there was no other way rather than living in a metro station. He was robbed and lost one of his scanners. He was ruined, however he pretended he was fine not to dissapoint Christopher.

However, he turned the page and he started to meet people. He was able to recover his robbed scanner. He even mixed with the richest ones and was able to take his son to see an American football match. Chris Gardner fought till the end and finally he got the job he mereditiously deserved by showing his potential. He became a multimillionaire.

This is a great example of how a melancholic ruined man finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel. He was rewarded with great happiness. One of the greatest movies ever. Never never, never, give up!!

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