End of the year My Conclusion

There lots of things to say and discuss but I will go straight to the point.

According to Literature, this year there were different approaches to deal with. In my opinion, creating an E-portfolio was one of the best thing we did since we were able to design, exploit and make our own portfolio without following established tasks, meaning we were able to put everything we like designing our own version, of course everything connected to stories and poems of this year and the previous ones. I liked it a lot and it’s very productive when being independent and putting our own ideas into practice.

My favourite story was definetely «The Destructors», the end of the story was marvellous seeing Old Misery’s expressions when the owner of the lorry brayed with laughter without even stopping after demolishing the last house standing. The message of the story is very clear and I found very interesting to compare the story with the one we read in Senior 3, «The Phoenix» by portraying the mythical creature with London when it came out of the ashes and prospered again.

I cannot think of other activities which I disliked, of course there were topics which were less entertaining than others but in general I liked to work and focus on many varied topics.

To sum up, I believe this year was one which I feel I could develop my understanding of Literature being able to express my potential through the art of writing and analysing every topic or activity discussed in class.

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  1. Pat dijo:

    Thanks for your self-reflection!!
    i truly believe this year you have matures as regards your essays and especially the way you developed thoughts and ideas!!
    i am glad you enjoyed this Literature year!!

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