The Lady in the Looking Glass A Reflection My opinion about mirrors

How about yourself?

How about pretending to be someone else?

How about not showing who you really are?

Most people believe that mirrors tend to act like this. In my opinion, mirrors can act as powerful manipulators since they are capable of making someone ignore his/her main aspects, his/her main capacities his/her main goals among many other things. When we look at the mirror, we probably assume to be someone else, making us feel comfortable not realizing if we are harm or not. making us feel we are going through a great time, when we probably not. Mirrors are reflectors of our life, and mirrors can make a person to see him/herself, possibly they are the pathways to a change in our lives. I constantly look at the mirror and think about me, how am I doing, what I need to change, if I am ok. I do not think mirrors to be a threat of facing reality. Mirrors are one of lots of answers and ways to overcome something not solve turning  a person into a better and knowledgeable person since you are are able to see your inner rather than your outer side learning and touching your deepest feelings.

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  1. Pat dijo:

    Do you show your true self?

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