“The Destructors” & “The Phoenix” As a new creature is born, A new day is also born

In contrast to the other post I made with the Destructors, I will support the idea of destruction being entirely worthwile. “The Phoenix” by Sylvia Townsend Warner is a great example to follow.

If I go back to the story we read, I will definetely portray Poldero as the aftermath of war, punishing society in a harsh way (difficult to survive), the Phoenix as T as well as Old Misery’s house, at the very beggining T is just one of the bunch but then he knew how to turn into a fierce leader. Following the example of the house, as a cause of the gang, the house was becoming weaker and weaker until it was finally destroyed, and the new creature born as London coming out of the ashes. The Phoenix is one of the greatest examples in order to explain how a devastated city was able to prosper again.

The Phoenix destroying itself taking with him Poldero and the crowd can be interpreted as T fierce decision of putting down Old Misery’s house. He was able to destroy the house, meaning putting an end to the harsh aftermath of war, time to reconstruct everything again. A new much more stronger creature was born which can be interpreted as London prospering again once more being able to come out of the ashes.

Resultado de imagen para the phoenix sylvia townsend  =      Resultado de imagen para london 1950

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    Wow!! Great connection Fran!!

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