Dulce et Decorum Est War never changes

How would you feel if you are taken to fight for your nation?

How would you feel if you are bounded to leave your familiy behind?

How would you feel if war propaganda have convinced you to feel proud of what you are doing for the future of your country?

The truth is that war never changes. It’s almost the same as nothing. How government’s dare to put in risk all those lives just because of their foreign matters?

Resultado de imagen para first world war casualties                    Resultado de imagen para first world war casualties

This is war’s shape. It is hard to digest but is the truth. Sometimes we do not think the government’s power to make those young folks sacrifice themselves. The harsh conditions they were passing through. How soldiers ended up being nothing, just lying corpses. The once who survived, were not even able to recover as a result of the traumatic experiences. Others did not see their families again.

One lesson I would have suggested if I was young at that time is that is if you want to fight for your nation’s pride or for yourself do it but first train because training makes a difference and avoid letting others convincing you are the best candidate.

I believe it’s hard to imagine a war without guns. Guns are the protagonists and the main purpose of beggining a war. Without guns there will be no sense of fighting for something. Without weapons, war is insignificant. If you ask a military to imagine a war without guns, he will probably tell you that guns are the clue to success in a war. The clue to show you are powerful, you are a powerful enemy as well, I would never in my life imagine a war with no guns since weapons are made to fight for something. It’s unnatural to see a war with men boxing each other, until all of them falls. I think it’s part of the uncanny. That is the reason why guns are used in order to «kill» the enemy and to protect yourself for any threat of the enemy taking action.

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