The Death Bed & Soldier Rest War Poetry

Task 2

-Work on the following poems (they can be found in Songs of Ourselves or you can listen to them)

Soldier, Rest!

The Death Bed

The Death Bed written by Siegfried Sasoon during his service in World War II

The poem begins describing the account of a dying soldier who moves in and out of conciousness on his hospital bed. Though he is in hospital, the soldier constantly reminds his ordeal in the trenches. Sasoon uses the extended metaphor of water and waves along the shoreline to symbolise how the soldier is on the border between life and death, his existence is being gradually “washed away”.  The poem is intended to portray the aftermath of the war for the readers. The speaker describes the man’s suffering as he swallowed, unresisting. In fact the poem seems to prove the fact that death might well be the peaceful end that soldiers look forwards to after months of suffering. After all, it takes away the pain and brings calm, silence and safety.

Themes: Death, Annoyance

Tone: Downhearted, feeling defeated, crestfallen

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Soldier Rest by Sir Walter Scott.

The repetition of death is presented all throughout the poem. Soldiers need to rest meaning its time for them to rest in peace living all the struggle they passed through away.

Theme: criticism of war, struggle of life, afterlife, meaning of life

Tone: Calm, reassuring


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