E – Portfolio Introduction Home and Rooms turn to be one

To start with, one of the tasks to bear in mind all throughout the year,  is to be creative!!

First of all, we have already finished reading “The Hollow of the 3 Hills” by Nathaniel Hawthorne, “Rooms” by Charlotte Mew and “Home is so Sad” by Philip Larkin.

When dealing with these poems and the story, all of them convey an idea of characters and “objects” feeling depressive and regretful. Moreover, there is a suggestion of abandonment (leaving behind) going around. Strong emotions coming, going and coming again.

Resultado de imagen para the hollow of the three hills                     Resultado de imagen para abandoned rooms

The malevolous witch., laughing          Joyous memories the writer remembers, powerful                                                                            rooms

Resultado de imagen para abandoned houses

Finding home intact after leaving behind

In my opinion, rooms are made of memories we constantly keep no matter if they are cheerful or sorrowful, we humans have our own rooms full of them, either locked or not. Furthermore, home and rooms are connected,  inside our home there are rooms. I feel secure, comfortable in my room. I will say it is “private property” since it is mine not “yours”. Moreover when dealing with home, it is the place where I live, a familiar place. I feel totally identify with it. Home and rooms turn to be one.

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