Rooms by Charlotte Mew

Our Literature teacher, Pato Chujman, assigned to answer some questions based on “Rooms” by Charlotte Mew. After that assignment, we have to compare it with another poem ( I have already performed) “Home is so Sad” by Philip Larkin

a) Charlottes life can be considered as a tragedy because as three of her brothers died and two of siblings were put in a mental hospital (when she was young) she began to bear in mind the fact that if she would get married, she would transmitted mental ilness to her children. After her fathers death, she and her last living member, her sister, started to live a precarious life (financial problems). She comitted suicide by drinking desinfectant.

b) The rooms are described as distant joyous memories the writer wants to repeat again.  They are also described as abandoned, forsaken, rotten rooms

c) The paragraph deals with the idea of the rooms representing strong emotions. The rooms carry on something powerful, passionate and vivid which it is destroyed by sorowful misery. There exists a contrast between passion and misery, life and death which can be seen in the poem.

d) The fact that the poem starts with the phrase “I remember”, abruptly,  the voice began to become sorrowful and depressed towards her vivid past. The tone becomes nostalgic accompanied with remorse.

e) In my opinion, the theme is loss of passion, rememembrance, distant memories and the tone is nostalgic, remorseful and depressing.


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