Is money essential to achieve happiness?

In the following essay, I will discuss the importance of money in our lives us and if it is essential to achieve a prosperous happiness.

First of all, if you have money you can enjoy many things. You can travel, buy and afford the newest devices and live a magnificent life. Moreover you can be successful by runing a business or you can turn into a famous person. But if you are prosperous and you have nobody to share that prosperity, it won´t neccesarily bring you happiness.

Some people believe that if you earn more money, you can achieve more happiness. They want unlimited money, they need more money than they have. People want to earn more money to satisfy themselves. I not support this believe.

Really, it doesn´t matter the amounts of money you earn, the people that surrounds me like my family and friends are the ones that matters me.

In conclusion, money is essential to achieve happiness, but is temporary. Money can not buy the people we care about. Money makes us feel temporary joy.


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