«The Gold Cadillac» Diary Entry

Our Language teacher told us to change the story’s point of view and to do a diary entry.

Dear Diary,

I have never felt so desperate since the moment in which the golden Cadillac was in front of our house. I remained silent and I wondered where the Mercury was. We were supposed to save for a new house not a new car. I didn’t pretend to ride on that luxurious car, it was too unsafe for the girls. Anyway I decided to let them go.

One day, Wilbert told us he wanted to go to the rural south to visit his parents. He was completely crazy, we knew we could be lynched, anyway we took the risks. We went in a caravan.

The journey began, everything was fine until we saw the signs. We couldn’t stop anywhere. Finally we reached Memphis. There was so much traffic that we lost our relatives. We were alone. When we crossed the state line we heard a police siren. They took us to a police station. We waited three hours until we were released. At night we stopped at a grove of trees because of the tiredness we had. We were scared, I could not sleep.

Finally we did it, we reached the farm, everyone was there. It was a dangerous journey. When we returned, Wilbert sold the car. I appreciated it. I will never forget the moments we had on that luxury. Now we are saving for a new house.



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