“Tiger in the Menagerie” & “The Lost Woman”

  • The mother and the daughter relationship, Who is really the Lost Woman
  • Voice is first person
  • Patricia Beer narrated what happened when her mother died.
  • The poet was feeling shocked
  • Color white shows death
  • She was quite young
  • Mother´s death associated with nature
  • She never see her mother´s  burial
  • She was not able to move on
  • She refuse to let her mother  go
  • She helped her mother a lot/ sacrifed for her
  • There were difficulties (marriage)
  • Her memory doesn´t leave it remains intact
  • Her mother´s tell her to move on
  • Her mother is contradicting what her daughter has told us

Tiger in the Menagerie

  • Tiger is stealthy
  • Tiger is unreal
  • This tiger is too vibrant to be real it could represent someone else
  • Stripes and bars shares a dream
  • Tiger´s eye and the sun have become one
  • Uncivilised cannot be controlled
  • Tiger is seen as a threat to the birds( Birds represent freedom)


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