History Presentation

In History, we started to see Nazi Germany. We divided into groups and everyone had to present a topic and give a presentation. In my case it was the Olympics in Berlin 1936.  This is the Glogster that Jero, Santi, Lucas and I did.


One day, Martín Leguizamón came to school and talked us about his experiences with Marcha por la vida when he visited some concentration and extermination camps in Poland. He told us what the Nazis did with the Jews and other people that went to the camps and that most of them died in the gas chambers or because of poor leaving conditions like  for example the lack of food. Also, he let us know what was the meaning of Shoa.

After that we visited the Holocaust Museum and we looked at some pictures and objects that were there. Then we listened to the testimony of a survivor who is living in Argentina. His name is David Galante. I had a great experience at the museum, it made me opened  my mind.

One of the striped pyjamas that the Jews used in the concentration camps.




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  1. Lenny dijo:

    Good overall, Fran.

    Just ONE photograph?

    6.5 (Six fifty)

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