Lion Heart by Amanda Chong

  1. Read the poem.

2. Look up words in the dictionary



3. Who is the writer?

the writer of the story is Amanda Chong from Singapore. She wrote this poem at the age of 16 years old.

4. Check what the merlion is. Find a photo to illustrate your post in your blog.

A merlion is a well known mythical creature with lion head and a body of a fish , is considered a symbol and the emblem of Singapore. Is widely used as a mascot and a logo.

5. Watch the following videos and take notes to analyse the poem in detail.


6. Can you say this poem is about love? If so, love for what/whom?

Yes, I think that the poem is about love, it expressed the love of nature, the wildlife, braveness, the spirit of a lion. They are all connected through the poem.

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