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Valencia, Spain, 1990

A group of thieves led by a Spanish extremist , tried to rob the El Mercat Bank of Valencia. When they arrived they starting shooting the people, only two were seriously injured. The thieves said that they had to stay quiet, also they asked the manager where were the boxes that contained all the money. Finally they arrived at the safe boxes and the manager introduced the password.

The police arrived and tried to communicate with the robbers. The leader talked to them and said that thier purpose was to steal the boxes and nobody would get hurt. The gangs took thousands of dollars and were ready to ran away through an old subway tunnel.

The Spanish armed forces were ready to act but the hostages were in danger. The thieves managed to escape. A helicopter waited for them outside. The police entered  and pulled the hostages to safety. They tried to catch the thieves throught the tunnel but the robbers had a lot of  advantage. The attackers found a way to get out but they knew that the police covered all the entire area. The thieves saw the helicopter in a terrace, but it was too late the police pointed at them with their shotguns, they were finally caught.




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