Crime Report based on Criminal Case

The department of Justice announced in monday morning that David Hutchinson was found dead with several injuries. The medical examiners found lots of evidence in a dump which they discovered the body, between them there were a pair of glasses, a large razor and a bag, all the objects were covered with blood.

The Police of Grimsborough sent agent Jones and corporal Turner to investigate the crime zone.

When they arrived they found Nathan Pandit with a large magnifying glass investigating the dump and every object the forensics discovered. He obtained some important clues that later on he took to his laboratory. After he finished his work, Turner and Jones continue exploring. Each of them collected crucial information. They found nails, fingerprints and hair. When they took the evidence to Mr. Pandit in his laboratory, the DNA belonged to Hugh Patterson of 43 years old.

After six days of investigation, Hugh Patterson plead guilty and was charged of murder and vandalism.

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