Dumb Martian Analysis


  1. What seems to be the attitude in the society about buying female martians?
  2. At the beggining of the story, where is Weaver going?
  3. Describe Lellie’s appearance? Draw a sketch of what you think she looks like
  4. How are we given the impression that Lellie is a near possesion of Duncan? Use Quotes
  5. Comment on the fact that lost to Lellie at chess (A game he had thought her)
  6. Where in the story is Duncan’s verbal and physically abuse of Lellie as it is worse?
  7. Weaver describes Alan as snooty, ritzy and snazzy what type of language it is and what does it tell us about the differences between the two men?
  8. Why does Lellie’s question about female emancipation makes Weaver so angry?
  9. She was a dumb mart. Do you agree with this?
  10. What message of relevance does this story have? ( Technology, society, personal qualities) Connect the messages to our present time.


1) The attitude seems to be very racist towards Lellie. They treated Martians as they were slaves and there is a lot of discrimination. They could not have access to a good education neither to have freedom. Martians must obey men and coudn’t have freedom of expression.

2) He is going to the station officer on Jupiter IV/II. He is going  for five years.

3) She was small . She was very thin and had large and round brown eyes. Because of her eyes it seemed to be always surprised. She had long ears and brown hair, which was touched with red. Also her skin was very  pale and her lips were bright red.


5) Duncan taught Lellie to play chess and practise with her. But when she learned she always beated him  so he  taught her another game and Lellie continue to beat him. He  stop playing,  he was very angry with himself because he said that she had lucky. And it was unfair because she was a dumb martian and showed always the same expression on her face.

6) From my point of view, the worst part of Duncan´s abuses is when he said to Leille that she had to speak well the letter S. “Oh, for-can´t you hear the difference? S-s-s, not th-th-th. Ye-sss” This is said by Duncan when he tried to teach Leille. He spoke in very angry manners and with a furious and violent tone. The martian tried her best but she couldn´t , so Duncan hitted her face violently and hardly strong. “His hand slapped across her face harder than he had intented…and sent her sailing across the room in a spin of arms and legs.”

7) This language is a very informal.  The difference between two men is that Alan is polite and educated, to the contrary,  Weaver is rude  and uses an informal language.

8) Duncan was very angry because Alan was going to explain Lellie about female emancipation if Alan had told Lellie what it was, Lellie would have reported Duncan about his abuses  and how Ducan treated her, thats why Duncan put so angry.

9) No. She was very intelligent and sassy. After suffering lots of verbal and physically abuses of Duncan, she had the victory, she knew how to cheat him. Duncan knew that Lellie was smart, but he couldn’t accept that. He was very angry with himself and with martians, he hated their planet and that they were different.


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