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Crime Report – Federal judge sets November trial for man charged in Charleston church attack

I chose the headline of the subject to write the crime report. I wrote this using more than three passive constructions and I included the vocabulary  in connections with crime: The department of Justice announced in wednesday morning that the death penalty trial will … Sigue leyendo

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Dumb Martian Analysis

Questions What seems to be the attitude in the society about buying female martians? At the beggining of the story, where is Weaver going? Describe Lellie’s appearance? Draw a sketch of what you think she looks like How are we … Sigue leyendo

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El Viaje y el encuentro con el otro

Nuestra profesora de Lengua, Camila, nos asignó un trabajo que consistía en imaginar un viaje donde el humano llega a un lugar inesperado y fantástico y su  encuentro con criaturas que habitan allí. Diario del capitán James Cook, 1770 Ese … Sigue leyendo

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