Essay ‘Passion’ – S1 and S2

Essay of Literature

We explored in the poem ¨Passion¨ how Kathleen Raine uses nature to express how she feels about love.

by Ramiro Aizpiri, Francisco Lusso and Benjamín Mayol

In this poem Kathleen Raine used metaphors, personification and other elements in order to put her message across: everything on earth is connected and the universal spirit is in all of us and just like nature, life is full of storms and sunshines that are part of our terrenal existence.

The poem in the beginning presents an image of someone who reveals in solitude her passionate heart and mind. She is burning with desire for someone, as she lays under the sky with massive clouds and trees over there, that seemed to hurt her because the tranquility that nature possesses has completely nothing to do with her chaotic state of mind, envying the peace that seemed to be outside in nature “Full of desire I lay, the sky wounding me” ”Each cloud a ship without me sailing, each tree” “Possessing what my soul lacked, tranquility.”

The metaphor “savage conches of the beach” shows the brutality of the feeling of abandonment.“Forsook my fingers, and out of reach Were Homer’s ghosts,” “the savage conches of the beach.”

At this point, nature (sky) approached and talked to the sorrowful woman in a lovely way, revealing she already has all she desired because she forms part of nature. Nature is her real identity, she is one with universal spirit and unlike humans, nature would never abandon those who love her. This kind of love is more important than the unrequited one that she was suffering “Then the sky spoke to me in language clear” “Familiar as the heart, than love more near” “The sky said to my soul, `You have what you desire” “Know now that you are born along with these” “Clouds, winds, and stars, and ever-moving seas” “And forest dwellers. This your nature is”. The sky personified continues talking to the woman to stop suffering, life must goes on and should not be afraid to love again. Life is meant to be full of ups and downs and she can choose to live with optimism or pessimism “Lift up your heart again without fear,” “Sleep in the tomb, or breathe the living air,” “This world you with the flower and with the tiger share.”

Finally this woman could see everything clearly that nature gives her all love and passion she needs and desire “Then I saw every visible substance turn” “Into immortal, every cell new born” “Burned with the holy fire of passion” and she understood that nature is immortal, then her love is eternal “This world I saw as on her judgment day” “When the war ends, and the sky rolls away,” “And all is light, love and eternity.”

To conclude this essay, the theme of nature across Kathleen Raine’s poem gives it an obviously natural feel and a different way to show and express love, insisting that nature should not be viewed as a separate entity and that it will never forsake those who love her, hence finding peace when she realizes she’s one with nature.

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