Crime Report

Our teacher Pilar Pando said that we had to search for a crime report,  and posted in our blogs. Also we had to underline the passive forms, do a brief summary and explain three crime terms.

British man accused of killing his family. Caught at California homeless camp.

A British man on the run after a killing his wife and mother-in-law in California was found sleeping at a homeless encampment on the coast Wednesday, ending a four-day search for the homicide suspect.

Police in Clovis,  said that on Saturday after killing his estranged wife Tierney Cooper-McCann, 36, and her mother Judith Cooper, 68, was discovered in a remote location in the middle of the night based on a tip from a homeless person.

“Mr McCann went off the grid. There was no technology to be used. There was no cellphones. There was no ATM transactions or anything else to use,” Clovis police chief Matt Basgall said at a press conference, adding that police found the suspect was sleeping  behind a fence”.

The man was arrested in Seaside, a coastal city 160 miles west of Clovis, where police say he had fatally stabbed the two women early Saturday morning inside a home before fleeing in a  truck that he later abandoned.

McCann’s  profile says he works in energy and property consultancy and lists him as CEO of SOS Energy and Property Solutions. A website for the company now says, “. Our prayers are dedicated to the Cooper Family.”


 Basgall asked for the family’s reaction upon learning of the arrest, Basgall said, “They were very happy that he’s in custody. However, they’re very much still grieving.”


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