The Manchurian Crisis

  1. How does the video open? What might the connection between the League and the opening scenes in Poland be?
  2. What problems did Japan face? (Mention ALL of them)
  3. What was the role of the army in Japan?
  4. What did army leaders believe Japan needed?
  5. What was the value of Manchuria?
  6. What happened at Mudken?
  7. What did the League do about it?
  8. What was Japan’s reaction to the decision of the League?


1)The video opens showing a country that is being attacked in 1939 by the German armed forces. The connection between the League and the opening scenes in Poland were because of the Manchurian Crisis and the League`s actions. The League didn´t intervened so Germany took advantage of the situation and attacked  Poland by the orders of Hitler. Also Germany have had attacked Poland before because Germany wanted the Upper Silesian region.

2) The problems that Japan faced were that it was an incredibly isolated country with a growing population with more than a millions mouths to feed every year. Japan suffered more than the Great Depression in Usa. As an isolated country that had a poor land, it made it difficult to produce natural resources. She needed to opened a trade to received materials such as oil and coal. A country like Japan that couldn´t exploit natural resources suffered unemployment and big problems in agriculture.

3) The army of Japan was very powerful and took control of many systems like the educational system. The leaders were all army generals. The army itself was more important than the politicians.

4) The army leaders thought that Japan needed to build an empire by taking over weaker countries that had raw materials Japan needed.

5) A very big country such us China, that had the raw materials and natural resources that the population of Japan desperately needed. So they thought that tooking over Manchuria would made Japan established her economy.

6) The Japanese sabotaged Chinese railways on the country  and exploaded them so the League needed to act rapidly.

7) The League told the Japanse embassador in Geneva to stop invading Manchuria and that their troops need to leave the province because of the Mudken incident.

8) At the end Japan didnt´t matter what the League said and it found it impossible to do their actions, so Japan triumphally kept Manchuria and left the League of Nations.

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