Poem Orange Juice by Michael Rosen

In class, Dani, gave us a task that was to write a poem like “orange juice”, by Michael Rosen, but from the point of view of the thief.
This is our poem:

When I walk

during the evening

I see a pint of orange juice

on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Delicious orange juice

in front of a house.

Quietly I steal it

and give it to the poor people.

They are very pleased.

One day, I picked it up –

the orange juice –

and I put it in a cup.

So I could

give it to a man.

But when he drank it, he said,


And he threw the cup away.

He said that it was really disgusting

and he offered me a drink.

When I felt it on my tongue

Oh Oh!

It made me feel

that I never

want to drink

orange juice



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  1. dbarra dijo:

    Great intro to the poem.
    Where’s the recording?

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