My favourite 3 booktubers

Our teacher, Dani, gave us an assignment that consisted of commenting on 3 booktubers.

Number 1: How Authors Write−Part two

I liked this booktuber because he was very funny by the way he acted and talked. He acted  in the way throught writers thought when they are going to write . I think he is a very good booktuber.

Number 2: I am President Snow:

I liked this booktuber first because I liked Hunger Games but not just because I liked the movie otherwise because he went deeply in the characteristics of president Snow. He talked very fast as many booktubes were slow. He went directly into the point of who is president Snow.

Number 3: Boys in books are better:

I liked this booktuber because she combined literature with music and she explained why boys in books are better. The girl felt literature in her soul also that she sang quite well. It is one of my favourite booktubers.


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  1. dbarra dijo:

    Fran, thanks for your post.
    Check: It’s not clear what you mean in the sentence “He acted in the way…”
    Check connectors: “otherwise”, “as” and “also”. They have been wrongly used.

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