An Inspector Calls by J.B. Priestly

On Friday the 11th we started to read the play, An Inspector Calls.

All the play takes place in a dinning room in a house in England.

The characters are:

Mr Birling: He is married with Sybil Birling, he has two children, Eric  and Sheila. He is a wealthiest man, he only thinks in money, power and capitalism. He earns lot of money of one of most important companies in that region.

Mrs Birling: She is the wife of Mr Birling.

Sheila: The daughter of Sybil and Arthur (Mr) Birling. In the dinning room they were celebrating the encounter between she and Gerald Croft, she is young.

Eric: The son of the Birling’s. He is the blackship of the family and he didn´t matter the encounter of his daughter he is very sarcastic and laugh a lot. He usually drink.

Gerald Croft:  He is abusive, because he is having an affair with other women and lies to Sheila saying that he is busy and works a lot and that he couldn’t pass time with her, it is a lie. Is the son of one of the most important business man, he had a big company, he is part of the nobility.

Inspector Goole: He is trying to find the cause of the dead of a woman and the relation that has with the family. He is very ironic and sarcastic.

Eva Smith: She is  a low class woman that worked for Birling but Arthur fired her because she wanted a raise wage and made a strike to obtain it, because  Arthur payed to the workers very little.

Act One

  1.  What are they talking about?
  2. What is Mr Birling hoping to get?
  3. Mr Birling vs Geralds’s mother
  4. What is revealed in the conversation?
  5. How does A. Birling feel as regards the Croft?
  6. According to Mr Birling, what’s a man responsability?( Quote from the play)
  7. They mention a scandal, secrets that may affect characters in the future( literary device)

1) They are talkin about business, social classes, titles,  and Gerald’s mother.

2) He is trying to be part of the nobility( knighthood).

3) He doesn’t like the Crofts, he is jealous neither he is wealthy.

4) He feels inferiority that he doesn’t belong to upper nobility classes like the Croft’s.

5) A man responsability is: To look after himself and his family.

6) Foreshadowing and Flashback.



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