Dialogue: The Escape

Our teacher of language, Pilar Pando said that we had to create a dialogue between 12 and 14 exchanges that could have happened in the story The Escape.

Cassius: What are we going to do?

Blossom:  I don’t know, I’m scared. Me will run away.

Chile: Don’t  be a crying baby Blossom. We must face it!

Cassius: Daddy will get angry if we say that mummy went to Jamaica.

Marcia: Yes! He will hit us again.

Blossom: Me say, that we have to hide.

Chile: No! If daddy asks who has changed the time of the clock,  we have to say that we don’t know.

Blossom: Ok, but don’t tremble and start to cry, it must seem that we did nothing.

Cassius: Me will stay at the kitchen before daddy wakes up.

Marcia: Me want mummy to come back now.

Chile: Marcia don’t start to cry! Me promise that everything will be fine, don’t worry.

Cassius: Daddy could wake up in any minute, we must be prepared.

Blossom: Me just heard something coming from upstairs, I think it’s dad!


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