Name Chain

In March 2nd we played a game with our new teacher of writing and speaking skills, Daniela Barra. The game consisted on writing our names in the blackbord and present ourselves. If someone share the same likes would have to pass and say something that different that they also enjoy or like. The method of the game was quite good because we can known each other better. Also with this game we can improve our way of listening each other.

The purpose of this game was to make us better people. Another thing is that we have to repect each other it is very important. For me the message  is to acquire the method of the game so we could be a better person as i just said. I think Dani chosed this game to help us being more respectful and good friends each other and also to pass a good time.

I liked playing tennis and read newspapers  as well as Elena that also likes to play tennis. And Vignesh likes to play basketball.

Moreover I learned about our new mates Otto  and Elena.


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