War Horse Activity

Imagine you were Zoey and tell Joey about your experience of life in the farm whilst he was away.


Whilst you were on war I was helping Mr. Narracott in the farm. I had to work very hard as I could, I really suffered a lot, but the most important thing is that you are alive and in good conditions. Also the Narracott´s put a new fence in the barn. Luckily there were not bombs and the German’s didn’t appear in this region. Vegetables grew as you can see. I had terrible days and the experience was not as good as you think. Everyday I had to take Mr. Narracott to the town and I didn´t like that because he is very heavy and my back hurts me. The nights were very cold and I had to sleep outside because Mrs. Narracott put all the tools there. Apart from that I had to plough everyday with the rising sun. Those days were too hot. That were s all the things that I had to do everyday.

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