The Impossible: Writing assignment

Tsunami in Thailand

December 27,2004

Yesterday a tsunami heated the Indian Ocean. Myanmar, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Philippines, etc. were affected. It was the one of the most devastating tsunamis, with a magnitude of 9.1 in the Richter scale, killing about 280.000 people.

It had created disasters and chaos. Many people dissapeared as well also many hospitals, houses, cars wer damage. In some places water surries were contaminated. I have interviewed a person that told me that he lost her family compleately and his home, he also said that there was no place to live and the food resources were running out.

They have been created temporary refugee camps. These are full of people that lost their homes and children that lost their parents. Diseases would appeared if there is no sanitation. As soon as posible, a humanitarian aid will be needed because of the damage of the infrastructure, food and water.

This tsunami will be remembered as one of the most events that shocked the world.

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