Interview with Michael Morpurgo, the author of Warhorse

  1. Why did you write a story about a horse?

M. I was fascinated by the relationship between people and horses. Many soldiers of my village told me their experiences in the war and how the horses had suffered in it. People and horses died in a million, so I wanted to create a story  which showed the universal suffering of war.

2. Before you wrote War Horse, have you had any contact with horses? 

M. Yes, I rode a litte when I was young and I was very good at falling off…ha ha.

3. Did you research before writing War Horse?

M. Yes, of course. I met three old men in my village who had been in the war. They told me their stories for hours and hours.

4. So, are the characters from War Horse based on real people and animals?

M. No, they aren’t based on people I knew, but the idea for the story came from the people I knew. I didn’t use them for the characters at all.

5. Why did your book became in a film?

M. Many people, including my wife, thought that it is the best book I have ever written. I think it isn’t, but one day Mr. Spielberg, who had red the book, said to me he could make it into a film. So, he took the best in the book, he brought all of his genius and created a great adaptation.

6. What is your favourite scene in the movie and why?

M. The meeting between the German soldier and the British soldier when they throw a coin for Joey. It is a moment of hope after all the tragedy.

If you have the chance to perform in the War Horse play, which role would you want to play?

M. I was a farmer in the movie and I said two words: “two guineas”. I didn’t forget them..ha ha!

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