Analysing Romantic Poems

This class we analysed the elements of romantic poems that we have already read. I did it with

Element-Poem The Clod and the Pebble Passion She was a Phantom of Delight.
Escapism Yes. “Then the sky spoke to me in language clear” She escapes from realism, she spoke to the sky and the nature because she is sad.
Nature Yes. “Trodden with the cattle’s feet”. Cattle means bovine animals and it’s is probably in the countryside. Yes “This your nature is” She is in love with nature and she is nature.
Hellenism Yes. “And builds a Heaven in Hell’s despair”. The Clod believed she lived in a world of happiness, love, innocence, generous. Yes “ heartbreak” She loves someone but he didn’t love her. He is in love with the woman.
Imagination Yes “ Then I saw visible substances inmortal” She imagines that the sky is giving an answer to her. He is exaggerating perfection of this woman.
Supernaturalism Yes. “So sung a little Clod of Clay”. This is supernaturalistic as Clod’s don’t sing. Yes Not every day you can find a perfect woman.
Subjectivity Yes. “Love seeketh only self to please”. Each rock gives their opinion.
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