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The story “Of White Hairs and Cricket” by Rohinton Mistry deals with the coming of age and I am going to  explain how.

This story is about rite of passage because at the very beggining he didn´t understand and didn´t want to take off the white hairs of his father. And he had to do it Sunday after Sunday.” Each Sunday the elimination of white hairs took longer”. He didn´t understand why his father didn´t play cricket anymore. “Now daddy don´t take us for cricket”. The boy lived in a world of fantasy. But one Sunday he was taking off the white hairs but he didn´t care and reached for the comics an avoid the tweezers. He revealed  the orders of his father. ” I´m going to read the comics”. He was starting to realize. When he visited his friend Viraf he didn´t want to play, his frien was worried and concerned. And the boy said to him” Don´t be such a cry baby”. The boy went to the flat of his friend, he saw Viraf´s father lying on the bed, sick connected by a tube by a dark metalwith Doctor Sidhwa. He didn´t care so much and asked Viraf to bring Ludo or Snakes-and-Laddders. And later something changed in him.

Then he started to understand more when he called Viraf a cry baby, his father was dying. He remembred when he play cricket with his father that was much young than Viraf´s father. Viraf´s father was like the boy´s father actually. That he couldn´t play or run. He noticed  the thick lines on his forehead. “Only Daddy´s were less deep”. His father was growing old and could be the father that finished in the bed with the feeding tube and lots o medical gadjets. Viraf was waiting him with the games but he didn´t want to play, he went home and saw the games he played when the boy was young.” Abandoned games of noughts and crosses”. He lost his innocence and childhood. He arrived to his house and wanted desperatly  his father asked him to cut the white hairs. He wanted to have time with him. He was pleased with his life that they both spent together and wanted to spent all the time with him while still alive. The boy felt defeated by mortality and reality, he also wanted to apologized with everyone although his mother was growing old and probably will die with the kerosene stove. But he won´t surrendered and continue fighting to take out the white hairs.

The story ” Of White Hairs and Cricket” by Rohinton Mistry is a story that deals with rite of passage as I prove it in this essay.

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  1. Pat dijo:

    Use connectors.
    Do not retell the story, more analysis is needed.
    Mention literary devices: metaphor of the white hairs, epiphany, specular moment.

    Mark: 6,50

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