The Paris Peace Conference Extension

1) TheParisPeaceCoference


I did it with Ignacio Mastro Malek and Jeronimo Leguizamón.

3) I think the project was good because I could understand much better than the book because you have fun, it is good and you could discuss about it with your friends so it would be a funny way to learn.

I prefer this way it is much easily and funny at the same time.

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3 respuestas a The Paris Peace Conference Extension

  1. Agustin Bravo dijo:

    Hi Francisco, It is a pity that you could not participate in the recording, but anyway, I loved your dialogue.
    I really liked how you show the different ideas of the peacemakers, and how you create a great debate, making the atmosphere a bit aggressive. I also liked all the information you included, and how you talked of the more important points of the 14 points, and the different points of view of each of the peacemakers. I also liked how you show that Lloyd George was in the middle between Clemenceau and Wilson.
    You had very few mistakes, in some words which are bad written, and if I would add something, would be the point that Germany had to return Alsace-Lorraine to France.
    To conclude, I think your presentation was great and it uses really good language, and was easy to understand. My mark for you would be a 9.

  2. Juan Stordeur dijo:

    I think Francisco’s dialogue was good. The information about the different perspectives of the empires and what they wanted was shown clearly. I think there is some information missing about the 3 opinions of the 3 voices about Wilson’s 14 points. It also needs to mention things that they had to take in to account like the Brest Litovsk treaty and the responsibility of starting the war.


  3. Matias Giambruni dijo:

    Fran Lusso, I found your dialogue very complete but the only thing that I would improve is the use of accurate language. I really like how you distinguished the three persectives of Wilson, Clemenceau and Loyd George. Also it was very good how you portray the different interests towards germany. You mark is an 8,50.

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