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Boy by Roald Dahl

We did a Lino about the seventeen chapters of  the book Boy, by Roald Dahl.

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Stereotypes Final Assignment

1) I think that the stereotype that represents me are: kind, generous, responsible, tranquil, cheerful, reflexive, reliable, friendly but a little shy. 2) 3) Sometimes it may affect me when most of people of my age may  think I am a little boring … Sigue leyendo

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Los Augurios

1) Pero se detuvieron indecisos en la orilla del foso, cuando ya se disponían a atravesarlo, porque había aparecido un ave agorera: un águila que volaba alto, llevando en las garras una enorme serpiente sangrante, pero viva. Esta se estremecía … Sigue leyendo

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Causes of WW1

This is a video that explain the last cause WW1 and that all the causes are connected with  each other.             Lenny put in this pearltree  some videos explaining the causes of WW1 WW1, by … Sigue leyendo

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In Literature we saw about Post-colonialism and Post-colonial Literature Postcolonialism from Dani Barra Postcolonialism  is a process  that  colonizer people  impose their culture on territories  and change their traditions, cultures, language,etc of people who live there and had to adapted … Sigue leyendo

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