Alliances leading to World War 1

  • Watch the video and answer the questions which follow:

1) Which cause does the historian in the video analyse in full?

Why was the cause which the World War 1 turned into World War.

2) Which other causes are mentioned in the lecture?

The alliance system was developing in the decades before up to World War 1.

3) How old was the German Empire when the Dual Alliance Treaty was signed?

It was 8 years old.

4) Why were the Germans paranoid in 1879 according to the lecture? What is the term used to refer to that “fear” the Germans had?

Because they took a value territory of France so they were paranoid that France go back to them and they were paranoid also with Russia and its alliance with France.

5) Which countries formed the Triple Entente? Which the Triple Alliance?

Triple Entente: UK, France and Russia

Triple Alliance: Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy.

6) What was peculiar about Italy’s role in the war?

When was the war started Italy didn’t go on the side of the Triple Alliance. Italy was on the side of Triple Entente.


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