On Friday in the class of Literature,we saw a poem called “Mirror”

A) Symbol of water: Tranformation,Reflection,Life,Puriication,etc.
Represents change and the passage of time.

B) Light: Illumination,Intelligence,etc.

C) Darkness: Evil,Chaos,Death,Gloom,etc.

D) Reflection: Phisycal images and spiritual refections.

Theme: Changes.The girl is fear about losing her beauty and becoming old.

Tone: Anger.

Literary Devices:

-Simile: “Like a terrible fish”. Time passed and the pretty girl become and old woman.

-Metaphor: “The eye of a little god”.He saw what is happening, like a god who saw everything.

-Personification: I am not cruel, only truthful. The Mirror is talking about itself like a person.


The Television

I change images all the time

You can change me whenever you want

I also can make you win a prize.


I can make you laugh a lot

I can make you scream to death

And I finally can make you cry.


You can use with a remote control

You have to be careful not to hurt me

And I ask please not to sell me.


On Tuesday 10/3/2015 in Literature we did a poem that was about apparently lifeless objects in our houses about the people who take it for granted.






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  1. Pat dijo:

    Hi Fran!

    Good work!! And really nice poem!!

    Please, work on theme, visit other blogs to see what your partners wrote about it.
    Remember to be more general when talking about theme, and to use nouns!!

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