To the Evening Star by William Blake


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2019 Our last year together


To begin with, I would like to enjoy everyday I spend at school since as we all know it turns out to be our last year together, it’s a reality.

As regards school, I am keen on passing all my subjects with good marks appointing to a higher average than previous years. Moreover, I would like to decide my college career as soon as possible in order to feel positive or trusted when taking these decisions. Although I am appointing to study something related to economics, I would prefer to clear all my doubts through orientation. Now, as regards the year, it would be great if we all have lots of fun together enjoying everyday we spend at school.

I don’t have any dreams at the moment, however, something I would dedicate is the fact of achieving more than possible so that the day of tomorrow I would feel more prepared to face certain obstacles that will appear through my life.

I am planning to spend my last year with the people I do care, friends, family even people that I will encounter this year.

To sum up, I would enjoy to spend my last year differently than previous years since as it is our last year, it must! be different, that’s the point.


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End of the year My Conclusion

There lots of things to say and discuss but I will go straight to the point.

According to Literature, this year there were different approaches to deal with. In my opinion, creating an E-portfolio was one of the best thing we did since we were able to design, exploit and make our own portfolio without following established tasks, meaning we were able to put everything we like designing our own version, of course everything connected to stories and poems of this year and the previous ones. I liked it a lot and it’s very productive when being independent and putting our own ideas into practice.

My favourite story was definetely “The Destructors”, the end of the story was marvellous seeing Old Misery’s expressions when the owner of the lorry brayed with laughter without even stopping after demolishing the last house standing. The message of the story is very clear and I found very interesting to compare the story with the one we read in Senior 3, “The Phoenix” by portraying the mythical creature with London when it came out of the ashes and prospered again.

I cannot think of other activities which I disliked, of course there were topics which were less entertaining than others but in general I liked to work and focus on many varied topics.

To sum up, I believe this year was one which I feel I could develop my understanding of Literature being able to express my potential through the art of writing and analysing every topic or activity discussed in class.

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The Hollow of the Three Hills Not being afraid or ashamed to die for your beloved ones

The Hollow of the Three Hills is a great example to convey an undeserved death but even death isn’t the end of life.

The mallevolous witch condemned the young lady to die. She prefered to die in exchange of scarce information about voices she once remembered wishing to hear them once more.  This is a tragic story however the young woman was brave enough to give up her life in order to give a sense to her death, by saying goodbye to the people she still love, to feel that her death meant something to her and her beloved. For her life to be completed at least with no remorse at all. She died at the Hollow of the “3” Hills. The number 3 is associated with the Holy Trinity.

Sometimes we believe death is the end of our life in Earth, however we should bear in mind the way we see death is completely misguided. Death is not the end of life, we still believe we must give a meaning to our life in order for us to feel more satisfied when we are ready to pass away. We are afraid or ashamed to die since we will produce harm to our beloved ones or because we feel we didn’t satisfy our life in Earth. Our life is important that is why we have to give our best in order to be prepared to die. I not mean living life as it was the last day or pursuiting the meaning of life but to feel grateful for the different opportunities you and me have to live a well deserved life surrounded by your beloved ones. Giving full credit to your life so when death approaches you will not have to regret anything as you will feel you are prepared to live a new life in heaven.





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Ode on Melancholy Happiness and Melancholy feed on each other

Happiness will not be achieved without melancholy and melancholy will not be achieved without happiness. Sometimes when we are extremely sorrowful we tend to believe that happiness will not appear anymore. The poem “Ode on Melancholy” deal with this. If we are extremely sad at first, then we will be rewarded with extreme happiness surrounding us at the end.

I think it’s true. Melancholy turns to be part of our lives. Without melancholy our lives cannot be built and cannot be completed. Without melancholy we almost don’t give any sense to our day-to-day life since without melancholy the rest cannot be achieved. Melancholy is part of the human being, is part of the rite of passage and is part of the process of gaining experience and maturing. It is almost certain there will be melancholy among a human being and happiness will also appear at the end.

I can compare it with the film “In Pursuit of Happiness” It’s a clear example of how melancholy can easily be turned into joy if we don’t lose hope. We should keep fighting.

The film features Will Smith as Chris Gardner a homeless scanner salesman. He was living under a financial instability causing his wife to abandon Chris and his son, Christopher. He tried hard to get a job but he could not. He arrived late to an interview in order to apply for the job.  Moreover, he delayed paying taxes, there was no other way rather than living in a metro station. He was robbed and lost one of his scanners. He was ruined, however he pretended he was fine not to dissapoint Christopher.

However, he turned the page and he started to meet people. He was able to recover his robbed scanner. He even mixed with the richest ones and was able to take his son to see an American football match. Chris Gardner fought till the end and finally he got the job he mereditiously deserved by showing his potential. He became a multimillionaire.

This is a great example of how a melancholic ruined man finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel. He was rewarded with great happiness. One of the greatest movies ever. Never never, never, give up!!

Resultado de imagen para this part of my life called happiness


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The Lady in the Looking Glass A Reflection My opinion about mirrors

How about yourself?

How about pretending to be someone else?

How about not showing who you really are?

Most people believe that mirrors tend to act like this. In my opinion, mirrors can act as powerful manipulators since they are capable of making someone ignore his/her main aspects, his/her main capacities his/her main goals among many other things. When we look at the mirror, we probably assume to be someone else, making us feel comfortable not realizing if we are harm or not. making us feel we are going through a great time, when we probably not. Mirrors are reflectors of our life, and mirrors can make a person to see him/herself, possibly they are the pathways to a change in our lives. I constantly look at the mirror and think about me, how am I doing, what I need to change, if I am ok. I do not think mirrors to be a threat of facing reality. Mirrors are one of lots of answers and ways to overcome something not solve turning  a person into a better and knowledgeable person since you are are able to see your inner rather than your outer side learning and touching your deepest feelings.

Resultado de imagen para people looking at a mirror


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“The Destructors” & “The Phoenix” As a new creature is born, A new day is also born

In contrast to the other post I made with the Destructors, I will support the idea of destruction being entirely worthwile. “The Phoenix” by Sylvia Townsend Warner is a great example to follow.

If I go back to the story we read, I will definetely portray Poldero as the aftermath of war, punishing society in a harsh way (difficult to survive), the Phoenix as T as well as Old Misery’s house, at the very beggining T is just one of the bunch but then he knew how to turn into a fierce leader. Following the example of the house, as a cause of the gang, the house was becoming weaker and weaker until it was finally destroyed, and the new creature born as London coming out of the ashes. The Phoenix is one of the greatest examples in order to explain how a devastated city was able to prosper again.

The Phoenix destroying itself taking with him Poldero and the crowd can be interpreted as T fierce decision of putting down Old Misery’s house. He was able to destroy the house, meaning putting an end to the harsh aftermath of war, time to reconstruct everything again. A new much more stronger creature was born which can be interpreted as London prospering again once more being able to come out of the ashes.

Resultado de imagen para the phoenix sylvia townsend  =      Resultado de imagen para london 1950

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Dulce et Decorum Est War never changes

How would you feel if you are taken to fight for your nation?

How would you feel if you are bounded to leave your familiy behind?

How would you feel if war propaganda have convinced you to feel proud of what you are doing for the future of your country?

The truth is that war never changes. It’s almost the same as nothing. How government’s dare to put in risk all those lives just because of their foreign matters?

Resultado de imagen para first world war casualties                    Resultado de imagen para first world war casualties

This is war’s shape. It is hard to digest but is the truth. Sometimes we do not think the government’s power to make those young folks sacrifice themselves. The harsh conditions they were passing through. How soldiers ended up being nothing, just lying corpses. The once who survived, were not even able to recover as a result of the traumatic experiences. Others did not see their families again.

One lesson I would have suggested if I was young at that time is that is if you want to fight for your nation’s pride or for yourself do it but first train because training makes a difference and avoid letting others convincing you are the best candidate.

I believe it’s hard to imagine a war without guns. Guns are the protagonists and the main purpose of beggining a war. Without guns there will be no sense of fighting for something. Without weapons, war is insignificant. If you ask a military to imagine a war without guns, he will probably tell you that guns are the clue to success in a war. The clue to show you are powerful, you are a powerful enemy as well, I would never in my life imagine a war with no guns since weapons are made to fight for something. It’s unnatural to see a war with men boxing each other, until all of them falls. I think it’s part of the uncanny. That is the reason why guns are used in order to “kill” the enemy and to protect yourself for any threat of the enemy taking action.

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The Destructors

Is destruction really worth it?

As I was reading the story, I stopped for a while and tried to think about why would someone destroy something that is valuable for someone. Is Graham Greene’s phrase about destruction being a form of creation is actually true. It was also used in the film Donnie Darko.

Maybe he is right to say that destruction in “The Destructors”  is the result of a new day, a new life. But just think for a moment how human destruction is completely harmful to the Earth nowadays. In the story, T proved himself he is part of the post war generation ready to make London a great city again. However, as we actually destroy nature we make a great harm to it, not considering how dependant we are from nature just the progress we are making.

Although this is not an argumentative opinion, I am doubting about it. Graham Greene was a tremendous writer, but I really think they misunderstood the concept of destruction. Destruction might be the pathway to change, however, we should bear in mind how far we are getting through it.

Donnie Darko is a film about a teenager Donald “Donnie” Darko. One day he woke up by a mysterious voice. Once outside, he met a figure in a monstrous rabbit costume who introduces himself as “Frank” and tells Donnie that the world will end in 28 days, 6 hours, 42 minutes and 12 seconds.

The film has nothing to do with Graham Greene however, the story “The Destructors” influenced Donnie to commit several vandalist acts for the rabbit to be satisfied claiming that destruction is actually a  form of creation.

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The Destructors Activity

The Destructors (Rite of Passage)

  1. An object of desire: T’s desire to destitute power by proving himself what is capable of doing. He wants to turn into the leader of the gang by taking over Blackie.
  2. Trespassing (defying authority): Defying the law, defying the adults and lastly defying Blackie’s leadership by breaking into the house. T’s looking for power and respect.
  3. Dare/Challenge (construction of identity): Challenges the authority by planning to break inside the house. T wishes to have their orders completely followed.
  4. The mischief (should be owned up and dealt in a mature way): Rite of passage not completed. T and the other members of the gang did not feel sorry for what they did. They think it’s actually funny. The gang did not realize about what they have done and did not accept the consequences of destroying the house of a good man.
  5. Atonement (confession, acceptance and regret): Again the same. The gang did not apologize to Mr Thomas. The action of regretting and assuming responsability and maturity is missing. No one feels sorry for Mr Thomas neither the gang nor the driver of the lorry.

Find quotes to prove the following themes

  1. The individual affected by the social crisis: “A former architect and present clark”
  2. The aftermath of the war (how destruction leads to more destruction): “Destruction after all is a form of creation”
  3.  The evil nature of man: ” We’ll destroy it”
  4. Loss of compassion (as a result of war): “How dare you laugh?”
  5. class struggle: “We want you to be comfortable tonight”
  6. Destruction for the sake of destruction “We’ll put it down”


Mr Thomas house: It symbolyses the little drop of hope behind the aftermath. It withstands the tough consequences of the blitz and the damage to London. Moreover, this symbol represents the upper classes and establishes a strong conflict among social divisions.

Mr Thomas and the children: Conflict between generations after the trauma of war. Mr Thomas portrays an old polite man with tender attitudes towards the gang. However, after the trauma of war lived by the younger generation, they learned that destruction will help to rebuild London again.

Old Misery: It’s very sarcastic since Mr Thomas is not a miserable person, they are no able to realize who is the miserable.

Money burning: Establishes class struggle among Londoners. Represents a symbol of taking revenge towards the upper classes who are able to prosper. The money burning means putting an end to the ones who cannot afford to have a proper life.

The debris of the house: The blitz in it’s full presence. Consequences after the impact the air raids had made among the people.

The laughter 0f the driver: No one says sorry to Mr Thomas. Neither the gang nor the adult driver feel sorry for him meaning there is loss of compassion as no one realize how a person could be after such event. War’s effects resulting from that demolition and the burst of laugher by the driver.



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